Attach a beer to a bicycle

Best Can Coozie Holder for Your Bike

No more rattling in your bottle cages, now you can strap up and extra brew or two to take on your bike anywhere with you. Easy built-in dual cinch strap design easily attaches to any bicycle with quick installation and removal when it’s time to enjoy. This is the most tactical coozie you can have for your bike adventures. Strap your brew loud and proud and you’ll get compliments from everyone asking where you got your Brew Strap.

bike coozie

With the Brew Strap you can attach as many brews as you want all over your bike frame. The insulation will keep them cold, and securely attached to your bicycle’s frame. No bottle cages? No worries! The Brew Strap makes it easy to always have that extra brew with you!

The Brew Strap comes in two models, the thick old school foam Pro model or the Original Brew Strap with thinner collapsable coozie design.

Attach a beer to a bicycle

The Brew Strap can be attached to pretty much anything so it makes a great gift for cyclists or any adventurer. What would you strap a brew to?