Dog leash beer holder

Best Way to Attach a Beer to a Dog’s Leash

The Brew Strap enables dog owners to have their furry friend do the heavy lifting. Now dog and owner can both be rewarded with a nice walk. Easily attached to a dog’s leash handle or harness the Brew Strap enables you to take a brew or two along with you. In dog years, you’ve only had one!

Dog Harness Beer Coozie

Once you get to the peak of your dog walk you can crack open a cold one of your favorite beverage. It’s easy to unstrap, so your brew is already in a coozie to keep your hands warm and your drink cold.

Attach beer to dog leash

Your dog will start to get excited from the moment you grab the brew from the fridge and when you load that in the Brew Strap and attach it to your dog it’s full on zoomies.

The Brew Strap is available in the Pro version which features thick old school foam coozie, or the Brew Strap Original which is a thinner neoprene collapsable edition.

Makes a great gift for a dog owner, they will surely smile then find themselves using it often. Dog leashes and harnesses are not the only think the Brew Strap allows you to strap a brew to though, you can pretty much strap a brew to anything with the most adventurous coozie.

Dog leash beer holder