Brew Strap 2.0


The Brew Strap 2.0 is the upgraded version of the original Brew Strap featuring a thick foam “old school” coozie for added insulation, protection and secure holding of your brew.

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Can coozie with dual velcro strap to attach a 12oz can to anything. The Brew Strap 2.0 offers improved performance through the use of a thicker foam “old school” coozie design. The thicker foam allows more insulation and protection for the beverage can of your choice. It also offers a more secure hold than the original Brew Strap. This was originally designed for snow skiers to attach to their boot buckles or ski pole to carry that extra brew on the slopes. This product has been tested attached to ski boots on runs hitting 70+ MPH your brew is along for the ride!

  • Attach a beer to a dog leash or harness.
  • Attach a beer to a motorcycle or bicycle.
  • Attach a beer to a pair of fishing waders.
  • Attach a beer to a boat, kayak or raft.
  • Attach a beer to a backpack.
  • Attach a beer to whatever you want…

You get the idea, the Brew Strap allows you to bring your brew along with you. Makes a great gift for any person who likes to enjoy their favorite beverage in the outdoors or on the go. Open slowly and enjoy.

Patent Pending.

Weight .06 oz
Dimensions 39.37 × 30 × 6.35 in

Black, Neon Blue, Neon Pink