Brew Strap’s patent pending design allows you to attach a beverage can to just about anything using dual cinch straps. Originally invented as a way to attach a beer to a Ski Pole, it was discovered to be useful for attaching to just about anything. Invented in 2021 during the global pandemic the product gained popularity and success as a ski & snowboard accessory and users quickly found it’s application extended far beyond it’s original purpose.

Today, the applications for Brew Strap are unlimited with common uses as being used to attach a beer can to a dog’s leash or harness or a bicycle frame without the need for a bottle cage, but it doesn’t stop there. We’ve seen them attached to baby stroller, golf carts, backpack straps, deck railings, and lounge/camping chairs to name a few common uses.

The unique design allows for attaching to just about anything and provides the dual benefit of insulating and protecting the can with a sleeve available in collapsible or thick foam. This makes Brew Strap the most adventurous can coozie on the market.

Brew Strap is a Beer Binding, LLC company, a company with thousands of sales and hundreds of 5-star reviews.